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About staircases

An ideal staircase is comfortable and safe to use, as well as an important interior design element. Therefore, you should thoroughly consider which staircase would suit your home best. If you happen to have chosen the wrong wall colour or an unsuitable sofa, it is quite easy to fix it, but rebuilding a staircase is expensive and requires a lot of work. Hence, whenever you start building or renovating your home, it would be worthwhile to choose a stair builder well in advance in order to set plans with him early on. To avoid, for example, a situation where the stair opening left in the inserted ceiling is too small.
Bennet Puit prepares different types of stairs. Which one to choose, depends on the specifics of the room as well as your desires.
The most common types of stairs are:
* U-shaped staircase
* I-shaped staircase
* L-shaped staircase
A U-shaped staircase makes a 180° turn, an I-shaped staircase connects the different floors in a straight line, an L-shaped staircase generally forms a 90° angle, and a spiral staircase spirals between the two floors.
Which one is right for you depends on the future location of the staircase, as well as your preferences.
We mostly make the steps from wood (pine, oak, ash, birch) and according to the customer's request, either varnish or oil is used as a finish. Tone can be given to the steps with stain.
Professionals in their field with long-term working experience work at Bennet Puit which means that even complex special projects can be carried out in cooperation with an architect and/or construction company. We can skillfully combine different materials - wood, metal, glass and various architectural solutions, combining material, space, practicality, security and visual aesthetics, and we always find the best price and material solution for the customer.
The work carried out has a warranty.

L-shaped staircase
I-shaped staircase
U-shaped staircase

CNC milling machine is used to produce stairs and doors.